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Mirage Frameless Glass is one of the leading frameless glass pool fencing servicing Annangrove We proudly offer a range of fencing types including frameless glass pool fencing, frameless glass balustrade, and pool fences.

Our company is known for catering all aspects of pool fencing in Annangrove which others may not, such as boundary barrier compliance. We will give you advice and recommendations on the rules and regulations. We guarantee to customers that all products and materials used will have the best outcome as we only use the best quality products available.

With a firm commitment to provide the best customer service and reliability that you will find, Mirage Frameless Glass is well known throughout the industry with numerous recommendations.


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Mirage Frameless Glass is undoubtedly the most stylish way to secure your pool area.We boost your home’s visual look by giving the pool area an elegant appeal to all who see it.
When properly installed with the right fixings and equipment, frameless glass pool fencing is the most durable fencing option among the alternatives.Mirage Frameless Glass is resilient around all types of pool water being it salty or chlorinated. So, it doesn’t require too much maintenance or repair.We allow you to integrate bespoke designs based on your preferences.


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Frameless glass pool fencing is considered by many as the best option for keeping a swimming pool safe. Additionally, it’s rather affordable and hassle-free. At Mirage Frameless Glass, our team of tradesmen are eager to work with you to meet your pool fencing needs. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to help you get the most out of your property. We design and install frameless glass pool balustrades for Annangrove homes. Contact us today for pool fencing services.

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