Annual Safety Check

Annual Pool Compliance Audit

Mirage Glass Fencing offers an annual audit of the condition of your pool fence and its compliance with Australian Standard AS1926.

This ensures that Mirage customers have peace of mind that their pool fence is still safe. Various things can happen that could make a pool fence non-compliant with the standard.

  1. The standards might change. The existing standard has been revised and re-issued 9 times since 1977 which is an upgrade every 3.8 years.
  2. The fence or gate may have been damaged and rendered inoperative.
  3. The neighbours may have added something to their side of the fence making it non-compliant.
  4. Something may have happened on your side of the fence making it non-compliant.
  5. Something may have happened to the normally fragile timber boundary fence or something may have been added to the fence on your neighbour’s side to act as a foot hold.

This list of possibilities is many and various and a lot can happen in 12 months.

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