Frameless Glass Staircase Balustrades – Internal or External options available

Mirage Frameless Glass has extensive experience in the design and installation of staircase glass balustrades.

Frameless Glass Balustrade stairs are a great way to renovate your existing home or add the perfect touches to a new build.

The most popular and seamless staircase glass balustrade system is side fixed. The glass panels are attached to the outside of the staircase stringer or tread using 316 Marine Grade stainless steel standoffs.

Another cost-effective way is to use 2205 Duplex stainless steel core drilled or surface mounted spigots.

Not sure which one will suit your home the best? Give Amon a call today to discuss your project.


Handrails are required where the drop exceeds 1000mm (1m). Handrail or top rail can be mounted on the top edge of the glass or fixed to the side using stainless steel brackets.

Powder-coated Aluminium is a great option if you are wanting a custom made look for your home.

Mirage Frameless Glass specialise in Timber top rail or handrail. As Amon is a qualified Carpenter, he can create the look that best suits the design for your home.

Glass Balustrade Stairs

Internal Stair Balustrade 

What timbers can be used to create custom handrails or top rails for glass balustrade stairs?

These are popular timber handrail options. 

  • Merbau
  • Spotted Gum
  • Cypress
  • Blackbutt

If your home requires a custom staircase handrail design, Mirage Frameless Glass can source these for you.

Mirage Frameless Glass Guarantee

All work carried out by Mirage Frameless Glass is compliant with Australian Safety Standards.

  • 7- year structural and workmanship guarantee
  • Polaris Hinges have a 3-year warranty

Mirage Frameless Glass is licensed and insured.

Call us to chat if you have any queries.


Ermington Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade Stairs

A vital piece of any staircase, balustrading provides a safety barrier for anyone using the staircase

A good glass balustrade stair design will separate seamlessly the staircase from the room, providing a break between balconies, landings or other edges.

Miareg Frameless Glass


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