Soft Close Hinges



Soft Close Hinges for Pool Gate

So you are looking to install a frameless glass fence, now its time to select the gate hinges.

 How do soft-close hinges work?

Soft close hinges work on a damping system which utilise a spring hinge which is tensioned to close the gate and then dampers which are used to slow down the gate once it comes to a close. These can both be adjusted to your desired close speed for the ultimate control.

The advantages of heavy duty soft closing hinges

As compared to standard hinges, soft close hinges do not cause the gate to slam shut against the closing system. This prevents the “shuddering” effect that can sometimes be seen with the traditional spring hinges

As these hinges are heavy duty, you are able to hang thicker gates on them (12mm as compared to the 10mm gates which are used on spring hinges)
This allows for a more uniform look as the adjacent pool panels are generally 12mm thick.

The disadvantages of soft closing hinges

As this is a premium product, there aren’t really any disadvantages other than the price point, however you are generally going to get a longer useful life from these hinges so most customers find this to be worth the investment.

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