Glass Balustrades & Pool Fence North Shore

Glass balustrades are popular on the North Shore because they allow you to bring the outside view inside. These glass balustrades, especially the frameless ones are extremely popular. Frameless glass balustrades on the North Shore are commonly found surrounding swimming pools, balconies and stairs. Due to their versatility, they are extremely suitable for residential and commercial properties. Be it a traditional or contemporary look, glass balustrades are suitable for all kind of looks.

We Specialise in:

There are a lot of things we are good at doing, including:

  • installing frameless glass balustrades in North Shore
  • frameless glass pool fencing in North Shore
  • frameless glass balustrades for stairs and balconies
  • providing advice on council pool fencing requirements
  • home inspections for installations, etc.

No matter how complicated the task is, we will complete it with perfection. Furthermore, on every project we complete, we guarantee our customers’ satisfaction.

Glass Pool Fencing in North Shore

Everyone wants a stylish pool that’s safe and elegant looking. For the best frameless glass pool fencing on the North Shore, contact Mirage Frameless Glass. If your pool is without fencing or if the existing fencing has become damaged, worn out or no longer complies, it can be hazardous for your safety and that of your family, and you may be fined by the council. Frameless glass fencing installation can assure the safety of your family, but it will also bring timeless style to your pool area.

Stair Balustrades

Stairs without balustrades are extremely unsafe. So, if you have damaged or worn out balustrades on your stairs or no balustrades at all in your home or office, you must take care of it immediately. Without them, accidents are inevitable, and they can be tragic. For cutting edge glass balustrades around the North Shore area, you can contact us anytime. We are the best on the North Shore when it comes to installing glass balustrades and glass pool fencings. We use premium quality materials for our projects.

These materials, be it the glass panels or other fixings, rigorously tested brutally before being approved. We make sure that they can withstand the pressure of time, weather, and will not rust or get damaged in any way. These fencings and balustrades are highly durable and designed for local conditions.

Our pricing is reasonable, and we stay invested in our projects. For any queries, you can contact our team. We will be happy to assist you in every possible way. We promise to deliver the best results without creating a dent in your pocket. Our reputation is important to us and we take pride in being the best in the region.

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