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Pool Safety Register NSW

The NSW Swimming Pool Register is a pool safety register of verified pools in NSW area with their specific details such as swimming pool owners’ address, type of pool and the approximate time it was built.

It also serves as a reference whether a pool is compliant with the Australian Pool Standards.

Pool Safety Register

Below are some features of the Pool Safety Register:

  • The Pool Safety Register is accessible via mobile devices (smartphones, iPad) where you can record inspections
  • A registration certificate can get generated 
  • It has provisions for the council to record inspections.
  • Inspection checklists are available for specific types of pools.

Pool Owner’s Obligation

Under the Swimming Pools Amendment Act of 2012, you are required to register your swimming pool using the online NSW Swimming Pool Register portal.

Registering your pool online is free of charge. However, a fee of $10 may be imposed if you let the local council register your pool on your behalf. If you fail to register your pool, you can be charged up to $220.


Pool Safety Registration

Here are the things you need to prepare when you register your pool:

  1.   The address of the swimming pool
  2.  The type of property (private residence, multi-occupancy, or tourist and visitor accommodation)
  3.   If the property is waterfront, or on land greater than 2 hectares or less than 230 square metres.
  4.   When the pool/spa was built
  5.   If the pool barrier has been substantially modified or rebuilt, and if so, when did the work take place.

Pool Safety Self-Assessment Checklist

The Swimming Pool Register website has provided a self-assessment checklist for the different types of swimming pool. The right assessment will depend on the type of pool, location and when it was built.


Pool Safety Inspections

Your pool should be inspected with the following circumstances:

  1. Where the inspection is compulsory because of the property type (multi-occupancy or tourist and visitor accommodation)
  2. As part of a local council’s approved inspection program
  3. At your request (e.g. prior to the sale or lease of your  property)
  4. When the council receives a complaint
  5. You are not sure whether your swimming pool is  compliant with the new regulations

If you’ve got other questions, you can get a private certifier which provides better service than your local Council to help you. They are accredited experts under the Building Professional Act of 2005 who can assist to register and inspect your pool. 

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