How to clean Frameless glass pool fences and Frameless Glass Balustrades

It’s extremely easy to maintain and clean a Frameless Glass Pool fence without having to spend too much time, effort and money. Although in saying this, it should be noted that Frameless glass pool fences cannot be treated the same as say your glass windows. By this, we mean you can’t simply use general glass window cleaning substances to clean your pool fences, as they leave unwanted residue.

Too often are people fed generic advice, to use warm water and a sponge to clean your fences and balustrades. The problem with this is that although it may appear to get rid of all of the dirtiness, it isn’t sustainable.

Mirage Frameless Glass, we recommend cleaning every 2-3 months. Our recommended cleaning method is extremely simple, yet effective. If you abide by the following steps, you’re guaranteed to have a clean Frameless Glass Pool Fence or Frameless Glass Balustrade:

  1. Wash the fence or balustrade down with water;
  2. Apply washing detergent to a New soft bristle broom;
  3. Gently wash the glass panels with the soapy broom;
  4. Hose the suds away and allow to air dry;
  5. Finally, and most importantly, use a protective coat such as “Nanocoat Clear” to shield the fence or balustrade from stains, build-ups and etching

*Note – you can use this technique on both your Frameless glass pool fence and Frameless Glass Balustrade.

Miareg Frameless Glass


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