Aluminium with Frameless Glass Pool Fencing,West Pennant Hills, NSW By Mirage Frameless Glass

The Suburb

This home is situated in the quiet region of West Pennant Hills this suburb is mainly residential  with a commercial business district near by.

What We Did

Frameless Glass pool fence with core drilled square satin spigots and hydraulic hinges

What Did The Client Say

I can not say enough great things about this business! We’ve two kids that are small and they’ve already set this fence to the test and it works! The fence is very strong. Amon made sure our fence was shut and locked on his way out of our backyard. Thank you Mirage Frameless Glass for work well done!

Laura Caleigh of  West Pennant Hills
Sydney (West Pennant Hills),New South Wales


Miareg Frameless Glass


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