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Have you at any point considered the extra value that frameless glass balustrade and pool fencing could add to your home? Mirage Frameless Glass can offer you anything from much-needed repairs through to a complete makeover of your home. This can make a huge difference to the valuation of your property. If you’ve been searching online for terms like Frameless Glass balustrade and pool fencing Turramurra, then contact with the specialists at Mirage Frameless Glass today.

Why Choose Mirage Frameless Glass?

  1. State-of-the-art Style
  2. A frameless glass balustrade or pool fencing are an ideal blend of form and function. A glass patio will improve even the most ordinary looking property. They can provide the ideal synergy of new-meets-old with their smooth, low-profiles, and stylish looks that will complement any style.

  3. Amazing Views and All-natural Light
  4. With regards to the interior views of your home, the view and natural light are two things of great value. Also, a glass balustrade pool deck or verandah boosts both. Do you have an exquisite view from the terrace overlooking the sea? See directly through it with large, perfect glass. Your view of the ocean and the entrance of sunlight are unobstructed with glass balustrades.

  5. Easy Maintenance
  6. Our glass balustrades and glass pool fencing can be maintained easily with simple window spray. They are manufactured to be resistant to grime and buildup. When you’re cleaning windows around your home, do your glass balustrade fence at the same time to keep it looking transparently beautiful.

  7. Council Approved and Long-Lasting Safe Glass Fencing
  8. You are mistaken if you believe that glass fencing is not as sturdy and safe as steel or aluminium fencing. Mirage Frameless Glass is in reality, a standout amongst the strongest materials so far developed. It is designed and manufactured according to Australian conditions and standards. Additionally, because there are no footholds, it is arguably safer that fences that can allow children to climb over.

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